Vegan Gobbler Video in Progress

This week I started working on the Vegan Gobbler video for my Kickstarter. This one took the longest, so far, to video. We were up videoing till past 10:00pm!

I’m short, and while usually I don’t mind,  I had to stand on a block of wood to be tall enough so I wasn’t hidden behind the counter top. It was much more comfortable than wearing heels.  You’d think being short heels would be my best friend?  Nope, I love flat shoes the best!

It can get a bit tiring saying the same thing over again, trying to get the words right.  While being videoed it’s almost impossible to say what you need to perfectly the first time. I mean like, who says the same thing over and over to their friends because they just couldn’t remember what they were trying to say in the first place!

We ended up putting the words on a giant screen so I could read them and maybe have an easier time remembering my words.

During the whole process our main video camera started making awful noises and then quit working all together. My dad took it all apart trying to find the problem. When it was completely taken apart the noise stopped, so dad put it back together and tried using it again. That’s when it quit working.  He says the focus gear died.

Next my mom knocked one of the lights over and it shattered.  I stayed up on the wood in my bare feet while my dad cleaned up the mess.  Thankfully it wasn’t a light that we really needed, but it was nice to have and we did use it a little bit.

Finally the Vegan Gobbler was ready to take out of the oven. The sad part was, I still had more talking to do before eating it.

You may notice that I have a bigger smile on now that the Vegan Gobbler is out than before. That’s because I was starving and couldn’t wait to taste a big bite. Plus all the wonderful smells coming off of it made my mouth water. It was sooo good I almost felt bad eating in front of everyone else who was also hungry and waiting for our videoing to be done.

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Doesn’t that look good?

See ya’ll next time!