Our Food

Tasty Vegan is a family based food business that is 5th generation vegetarian and 3rd generation vegan! Vegan food is in our blood, and we want to share our passion of delicious vegan food with the world. Tasty Vegan was founded in 2018 with several products, including Vegan Jerky, Vegan BBQ and Vegan Thanksgiving Turkeys. With Covid the company was put on the back burner, so to speak, and left to simmer until now.

We are launching a new product, Vegan Cheese, that is shelf stable, easy to mix, and absolutely delicious. Just add water and oil, blend or whip with a fork, and enjoy 100% Plant Based Nacho Cheese sauce. It is currently in the market testing and development process, we hope to have a January 2024 launch! Sign Up to be the first to know when you can purchase it!

Tasty Vegan Cheese Powder