Making Jerky Vegan

I started working on a new product this week. I will be selling Tasty Vegan Jerky some time this year, hopefully soon! I have been cooking quite a bit trying to get my Vegan Jerky perfected and it tastes amazing – so good I can just imagine it in Whole Foods! Trying different things has really been a lot of fun.

I have been working on perfecting this recipe, and look at how good all this jerky is looking. It was all such a mouth watering work and extremely fun. I had to start chewing gum just so I wouldn’t eat it all, lol 🙂

After all the jerky was perfect enough for eating, it was time to package it all up. It was separated and sealed into the bags and the label was stapled on to make it look spectacular. Vacuum packing it didn’t take very long and was kind of satisfying to watch all the air being sucked out of the package. I’m going to be testing for shelf life, and giving packages to my friends to try.  Hopefully they like it half as much as I do, I know I have a winner if they do.

The Vegan Jerky looks so good all packaged up that some of my family couldn’t help but beg for some.I even got a little bit of money out of the whole ordeal from a couple of my brothers. I must admit though, the jerky does taste really good and they definitely got their moneys worth.

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See y’all next time! ~Allyssa~