My First Tasty Vegan Booth

I have been really busy for the past month or so getting ready for my first booth. I made over 400 packages of jerky put in the freezer so I would have enough to sell. I also made two Vegan Gobblers for free samples so people could pre-order their Tasty Vegan Gobbler.

It was all extremely exciting, and a little scary, all at the same time.  I had my booth all set up and ready to go in a few minutes after arriving. On one side I had a vegan wedding book, the number of Facebook likes my page had, and the original flavored jerky.

On the other side my cooking videos were playing on a laptop. There was also a  sign to tell you when the free Vegan Gobbler samples were going to be and the spicy flavored jerky. I had business cards on my table too for people to take.

After setting up the booth I had a few seconds to catch my breath, but that was about all the free time I got. People were going to be walking by soon and I wanted to have some samples ready for them.

It wasn’t long before people stared coming and trying out my vegan jerky. Everyone loved it!  Some people even asked if we were sure it was actually vegan.

Thursday and Friday at noon we did the vegan gobbler samples. It smelled and looked so good it always made my mouth water and my stomach started to growl.   By the end of the event I had 26 pre-orders for Vegan Gobblers.

My mom is wonderful and always willing to give me either a hand or a word of advise. She helped dish out the samples and also helped me with everything else as well.

There was typically a line at my booth.  When I was giving out free samples of gobbler the line seemed to get longer.  The smiles on people’s faces whenever they would take their first bite told me all I needed to know about whether they liked it or not.  They LOVED it!

I got to meet a vegan chef named Chef Ani. She also had a booth and her booth was literally right next to mine. It was great to be able to talk to her and get some great ideas.

At the end of the event  I had sold 306 jerkies of both original and spicy combined! 119 of them was the original and 187 spicy. I was very tired but I can’t wait to do it again.  Thank you for reading this post. See you next time!