1st Post!

My name is Allyssa Preisner, I just Graduated High School and am starting my own business, Tasty Vegan. I have not been a vegan all my life. Up to the age of five, I was in foster care and was adopted into a wonderful family who were, and still are, passionate about vegan food. My new Mom had Vegan recipes stashed away everywhere, and it wasn’t long before I started cooking for my family and developing my passion for vegan food. The first Thanksgiving I remember, we went to my great Grandma’s house. My Mom told me that there was a long line of vegetarian and vegan cooks in my new family going back for generations. Each year the family got together and enjoyed an amazing vegan turkey gobbler. The recipe had been developed and passed down through five generations! You may ask “How is that even possible?” My great, great, great Grandma became a Seventh Day Adventist and an S.D.A believes that the vegan diet is the original biblical diet.


I’m excited about my new business and can’t wait to see what the future holds!