Lose Weight FAST with Veto

This is the personal testimony of Jason Preisner, who followed this plan 99% faithfully for a period of 71 days and lost a total of 40.8 pounds!  This is not medical advice, please consult with your physician before starting any exercise or diet program (the lawyers make us say this.)  (Click for 3 month update!)

Jason’s Before and After Statistics

April 16, 2018 June 26, 2018
208.1 lbs 167.3 lbs
41” Waist 33” Waist
Blood Pressure –
133/93 @ 100
Blood Pressure –
94/72 @ 53
XL T-Shirt Small/Medium T-Shirt
34” – 35” Pants 31” Pants
Triglycerides: 426 Triglycerides: 134


40 Lbs Lost!

Cliff-Notes – Water fast for 3 days, 1 meal a day afterwards of high-protein, high-fat, low carb, no added sugar until achieved goal weight.  This is geared towards plant-based diet, affectionately called “Veto Diet” for Veggie-Keto.

Background – When you are overweight and gorging yourself on a high carbohydrate diet, you body is experiencing insulin resistance (metabolic syndrome) and most likely none-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome.  These are bad.  They make you fat and unhealthy.  You want to get your body off of using carbohydrates for energy and using fat for energy.  Ever hear someone say they get “Hangry” if they don’t eat?  That is their body being used to given carb/sugar based food on a far to regular of a basis, and it throws a fit like a temper tantrum child if it doesn’t get it’s dose of carbs/sugars.  You want control of your food, not your food control you.

FASTing – The first step in this process is fasting, literally, a water fast.  3 days with nothing but water going into your mouth.  This jump-starts your body into fat-burning mode, and sets you up for success.  When you successfully complete your 3 day water fast, you can finish the program with ease.  I found the first day was OK, the 2nd day was a complete horrid wreck of a day with no energy and much mental and physical pain that I was sure surviving an encounter with an angry grizzly bear wouldn’t be so bad, and day 3 was tolerable.  Just remember: Foods Are Super Tempting (FAST) but when you realize you have the power over food, and when/what you eat, it is very liberating.  Don’t be a slave to food, kick it to the curb and fast for 3 days with nothing but water.  And by water I mean a lot of water: 1 gallon a day seems right for the majority of people who do this.  Much more than that can cause problems, less than that isn’t good either.  1 gallon.  You can do it, and no, you won’t be peeing constantly.  Your body adapts quite well.


40 Lbs Lost!

Breakfast (Breaking the Fast) – They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  They also don’t say when you need to eat breakfast, and it’s ok to Break-the-Fast at 5:00 pm if you want.  If you start your fast on a Thursday evening after supper because you know you have to work Monday and don’t want to be dead on your feet, by Monday morning you should be in full-on Ketosis where you are burning fat for fuel and you shouldn’t have to eat Monday morning to survive.  You have to pick which meal you want to eat every day (you don’t have to eat the same meal every day, but you want 24 hours of fasting between each meal.)  Intermittent fasting is the key to success with this program, it’s the only way to success. When you force your body to burn fat for fuel, the pounds will drop off.  If you regularly eat lunch as your daily meal, and want to eat a supper for a social occasion etc, just skip that lunch, eat the supper, then eat the next lunch.  The key is: OMAD, not “Oh I’m mad” rather, One Meal A Day.

                The first week or 2 are going to be rough as your body gets used to its new fuel source.  Don’t give up, push through, and when you get it together on the inside, you will find you have unlimited ability to keep working through what used to be normal meal times.  To busy to eat?  No problem!

Water – This is important: 1 gallon a day goes in the mouth.  I hope you have better luck at that than I did.


What to Eat – About 800 Calories a day, high protein (50 g a day is fine for adult male) low carbs (30-50 g a day is the max) high fat (eat oil, fry with oil, don’t abuse it, but use it!) and no added sugar. I’m talking no white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, beet sugar, honey, stevia, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, fructose, glucose, alcohol sugars, flower nectar, fresh fruit, frozen fruit, dehydrated fruit, ANYTHING SWEET is the enemy of weight loss.  Eat protein and veggies.

  • Salad – Eat all the salad you want, but be careful the dressing. Commercial dressing is typically bad.  I made my own dressing by putting olive oil, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and seasonings in a condiment bottle from Wal-Mart, shaking it up, and dousing salad.  It’s so good my teenage boys ate that instead of vegan ranch or French.
  • Protein – Tofu and Gluten (seitan) based food is the best.  The best.  Tofu is so awesome, and gluten is great too.  There are other sources of protein, just be careful of carbs.  The great thing with Tofu and protein is you get to eat a lot of mass and it fills you up, but is low calorie, almost no carbs, and high protein.  Gardein packs of frozen goodness are awesome, found in the freezer section of Walmart, but careful the carb count.
  • Carbs – They are in almost everything. Beans have a lot.  Anything with flour (bread, tortillas, donuts, breading on deep fried stuff, pasta, etc) all has high carbs.  There is absolutely no nutritional need for carbohydrates, they’re just a cheap, easy source of fuel, fuel that if not used in moderation is stored as fat very, very easily.  Potatoes are evil.  Potato salad is a very yummy evil.  I ‘cheated’ once and ate 3 tablespoons of potato salad.  The scale didn’t reflect my extreme indulgence and I continued on successfully.
  • Fats – You have got to get away from being scared of getting fat by eating fat. I ate close to a gallon of olive oil in my journey of 71 days, and lost weight rapidly and healthfully.  There are only 3 sources of oil that you should ever consume: olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.  That’s your choices.  Chao cheese is great too.  Fry, deep fry, douse your salad in oil based dressing, don’t go nuts, but enjoy your food. You only get to eat once a day.  The best news?  Don’t count your oil as you go, it’s a freeby.  Just drink more water than oil.
  • Salt – You have to eat salt. Remember that 1 gallon of water a day?  Eat enough salt to keep your electrolytes up.  If you feel faint or weak, it very well is a lack of enough salt.  I know for me I hit low salt a few times.  After the first week or two, you should feel fine 24/7, if you are feeling faint or weak, very likely need more salt.


Typical Meal 1 – Tofu, 1 lb, fried with yellow onion and seasonings.  Icerberg lettuce salad with chopped celery.  1 ounce flash fried kale.  1 Tbsp nutritional yeast.  Macros: 24g Carbs, 20g Fat, 48g Protein – 457 calories.  Yes, that will provide your body with the fuel it needs, because your body is burning your own fat for fuel and you’re just supplementing it.

Typical Meal 2 – Garbanzos (1 can,) 1 oz steamed asparagus, 2 cup flash fried kale, 1 lb gluten, fried.  Macros: 83g Carbs (beans are high carbs!) 8g Fat, 66g Protein, 673 calories.

Eating Out – You’re not going to find great options for a Veto (veggie based Keto) diet on the road.  But you also don’t have to eat as often and you can just skip eating if you need to. The only real options I found are salad bars and you load up on salad with a few beans for protein.  Chinese has tofu, but their sauces are often super high in sugars.  And we found out our favorite chinese restaurant puts oyster sauce in their “vegetarian” tofu.

Pitfalls – The hardest part of this fight is mental – 100% mental.  Your body can do it, and if you choose to stick to it 100%, you are going to be successful.  Don’t get discouraged if the scale doesn’t drop every day.  It was a nice a dropping line for me, but others don’t get to experience success almost every day. IF you plateau for a week, re-evaluate your process, and go on a 48 hour fast.   Parties (social events) are a very scary place to diet.  Feel free to tell people “I’ve lost 28 pounds and I just don’t feel like eating tonight.”

Advisors – Everyone will give you free advice.  That’s what it is worth.  I heard things like “Gluten will make you fat!”  My response?  “I lost 40 lbs in 71 days eating mostly gluten, it didn’t make me gain weight.”  Or “This is very unhealthy for you!”  Never felt better, and my blood pressure dropped to a health zone rapidly.  Smile, be polite, consider the source, and live your life.

3 Month Update  – “I had a best friend’s step-mom’s uncle’s grandkids best friend’s old horse owner who lost a lot of weight on keto and then as soon as he went off of it, he gained all his weight back, keto doesn’t work.”  Yes it does.  But it’s a lifestyle change.  I never assumed I could lose 40 lbs, go back to my old way of eating, and stay at 40 lbs lost.  I stabilized at 171-172, but I’ve learned some interesting maintaining information.  I swung up and back down 5 lbs experimenting for your edification and education.

  • 3 meals a day = gain weight. Always.
  • 2 meals a day, “dirty” VETO as they call it (not being super careful of carbs / sugars) = gain weight.
  • 2 meals a day strict VETO = maintain.
  • 1 meals a day “dirty” VETO = maintain.
  • 1 meal a day strict VETO = lose weight.

So my experience so far?  I like dirty VETO 1 meal a day the best for most of the time.  And I still keep high protein, low carbs, very low sugar, rarely eat fruit, don’t eat pasta or normal flour tortillas, or soda.  Those made me 208 lbs.  But that potato salad…